Musical Source Publications

Ysaye Barnwell


YMB101 No Mirrors in My Nana’s House SATBB $2.50
YMB103 Wanting Memories SSATB $2.50
YMB109 We Are SATB WITH SOLO $1.95
YMB110 Would You Harbor Me? SSAATB $1.95
YMB111 Prayer SATBB $1.95
YMB116 More Than a Paycheck SSAAA $1.95
YMB117 On Children SSAA or Mixed $1.95
YMB118 Breaths SSATB $2.25
YMB119 Sound-Bite From Beijing SSAAA or Mixed $2.50
YMB120 Wanna Die Easy, When I Die SSAATBB $2.50
YMB121 Hope SAATTB $2.50
YMB122 In Unity SATB Divisi $2.50
YMB123 There is a Balm in Gilead SAAA $2.25
YMB124 Spiritual SSATB $2.50
YMB125 Spiritual Quodlibets *NEW* SATB $4.95

Deen Entsminger


ENT0001 Before We Part 4 Part Mixed $1.95
ENT0002 Shout! Any Combo/3-4 part $2.25
ENT0003 My Soul is Calmed in You SATB with Alto Solo $1.95
ENT0004 By Your Hands SATB, HB or 2kybds $2.25
ENT0005 America The Beautiful SATB $1.95

Marvin Mills


MIL150 Live-a-Humble SSATBB $1.95
MIL275 4 Spirituals for Denyce Graves** Solo Voice & Piano $12.95

**Recorded by Denyce Graves on NPR Classics Angels Watching Over Me**